Know About Driving And Vehicle Agency


Driving and vehicle licensing agency are one of the oldest agencies, or you can say organization of the United Kingdom government. This organization was formed in the year 1965, and the type of this agency is an executive type. The headquarters of this agency is in Swansea which is in wales. This organization was introduced on the behalf of the department for transport, or you can say it is a branch of the department for transport. First, this agency was named as driver and vehicle licensing center but in 1990 it was renamed.

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About the driving and vehicle licensing agency

  • This agency is holding more than about 47 million driver records and over 39 million records of vehicle those are moving around in the United Kingdom. On an average, this agency collects 5.6 billion euros in vehicle excise duty.
  • Thousands of staffs are working for this agency in their different fields, and they maintain the licensing and registration details of the drivers and the licensed vehicles.
  • All the details related to the drivers and the vehicle helps this agency to improve the road safety and reduces the vehicle which causes crimes and supports the government related taxes, and it also supports environmental initiatives.
  • For this work the United Kingdomhas the best road safety records all around the worlds compare to other countries. They are making the drivers follow the proper laws, and this is making the roads a safer place for anyone.

This agency is responsible for the following things which are stated below

  • They are responsible for the different driver endorsements and any kind of disqualifications and medical conditions.
  • They are the one for which the drivers are getting a properly issued license.
  • They take different actions against the drivers and vehicles who are not giving any taxes.
  • They even help the police and intelligence bureau for catching any criminal who have todo something with a vehicle involved.
  • For the registration and issuing of taco graph cards also they are responsible.
  • They are even responsible for selling the driver and vehicle licensing agency personalized registrations.

More about driver and vehicle licensing agency

They have done various surveys and researches since 2008 and used so many new technologies to know about the things related to their fields to maintain the road safety. They are indeed an efficient agency which is doing some excellent work and in 2015 they retained the customer service excellence which is introduced from 2008.

More than 5000 staffs are there who are making all these things possible and making the United Kingdom a better place than other places.Now they are implementing digital technologies and instruments to get more details to improve customer service.

They will respond to all the customer needs and requirements and are making the things more economical or cost effective process and it is guaranteed thatwithin next one year they will eliminate all the tax evaders or the drivers who are not paying the taxes from any kind of future government activities and will be regarded as a serious criminal offence.


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How To Renew Your Driving License In UK?

If you want to renew your driving license in the United Kingdom, then you have to contact the DVLA. DVLA  stands for driving and vehicle licensing agency. It holds above 47 million driver records and 39 million vehicle records – the records that basically hold all the essential details of the driver and the vehicle. So, if you had a driving license, and you need to renew that driving license for various reasons like expiry of driving license, change in medical conditions or increment of age then you have to apply again to renew your driving license.


Before You Start To Apply To Renew Your Driving License, You Need To Know About A Few Things.

  1. The applicant can’t apply online if his/her name or surname has changed or he/she holds a license for driving the bus or lorry.
  2. The documents that are needed to renew the driving license are:
  • You need a valid United Kingdom passport.
  • Address proof, As the applicant, must be a resident of the UK. If you are a resident of Northern Ireland, then there is a different service is available to you.
  • You have to pay about 14 euros via online method. But you don’t need to pay if you are above 70 years of age and renewing your driving license.
  • Your current driving license.
  • Address proof of your residents for past three years.
  • You must submit your national insurance number.

The process Of Renewing Your Driving License:

  • To renew your driving license, you need to complete the renewal form D798.
  • You need to pay the fee 17 euros. (You need to pay this fee if you are filling up the form D798 and applying by offline method via post office.)
  • If you have the photo card license, then you have to post it.
  • The post office may charge you an extra 4.50 euros as the processing fees.
  • Your driving license should reach within three weeks.

In case you don’t get the D798 remainder then, you have to fill up the D1 application for driving license which is available at DVLA from services and few selected post offices.

If you are 70 years old, and you want to apply for renewing of your driving license then you need to know about a few things before you start to apply:

  • If you are 70 years of age then, your current driving license will expire soon. (within 90 days)
  • You need the address proof, as the applicant must be a resident of UK. If you are a resident of Norther Ireland, then there is a different service is available for you.
  • You must have visual acuity of 0.5 measured on the Snellen scale.
  • You have to have the support of your doctor for the continuation driving.
  • Once you reach 70 years, you have to renew your driving license in every three years.

The Process Of Renewing Your Driving License (If you are 70 years old):

  1. You have to fill up the D46P form and post it via post office.

For any further details and queries, you may dial up the DVLA phone number.